A Guide to Seasonal Eating

Fall and Winter fruits and vegetables

Spring and Summer fruits and vegetables

Apricot- rich in fiber, good source of potassium, iron and calcium

Arugula- rich source of Vitamin C and K

Avocado- Vitamin E powerhouse 

Banana- calcium, helps maintain low blood pressure and bone health

Beets- high levels of anti-oxidants, phytonutrients

Apple-  according to tradition, keeps doctor’s away!

Chestnuts- great source of protein, low in sodium and cholesterol-free

Blood orange- eye health, strengthens immunity

Butternut squash- loaded with beta-carotene

Nectarine- high in protein and fiber, good source of lycopene

Peas- contains high amounts of folate, protein, magnesium and copper

Peppers- perfect for weight management

Blackberry- high in Vitamin C,  softens appearance of wrinkles

Blueberry-   anti-oxidant superfood

Cantaloupe- good source of B6

Carrot- source of beta carotene, maintains eye health, promotes dental wellness

Dandelion greens- promotes liver health, cleanses your skin, maintains healthy blood

Strawberry- whitens teeth, low calorie, rich source of potassium, Vitamin C and K

Tomato- improves skin coloration and texture

Tomatillo- helps maintain circulation, low calorie

Watercress- expectorant and diuretic, metabolic health aid

Watermelon- maintains eye health

Learn which foods are the most healthy, beneficial, and freshest each season.

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Grapefruit- Great source of Vitamin C

Kale- wonderful green source of calcium   

Lemon- aids sore throat, digestion

Passionfruit- rich in iron, copper and potassium

Pear- great for cardiovascular wellness

Pomegranate- one of natures super fruits, rich in anti oxidants

Pumpkin- vital anti-oxidant, rich in carotenes and Vitamin A, also super fun to carve!

Tangerines- Great source of Vitamin C

Chard- promotes bone health, packed with vitamins C, E, and K, and fiber.

Clementine- great for weight loss, beneficial for healthier skin, reduces stress

Cranberry- UTI preventer, possess anti-inflammatory properties, carries vital  probiotics

Grapes- Vitamin B powerhouse

Figs- rich in potassium

Fennel- aids digestive system, suppresses appetite

Honeydew melon- excellent source of Vitamin C, provitamin A and zinc

Guava- remarkable source of anti-oxidant dietary fiber and bata-carotene

Lime- promotes weight loss, vitamin c

Raspberry- anti-oxidant superfood

Spinach- source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids, loaded with flavonoids